Monday, January 31, 2011

Pottery and Polymer Clay!

This is something new I started. I took some pottery classes beginning of January 2010 throughout the year at Warwick Pottery. It was awesome, the best thing I have ever done. Marilyn, the owner, is such a great teacher and fun person. If you ever want to take classes, this is the place to go.
However, the plan was tho combine Polymer Clay with pottery. I got some tips and tricks from Marilyn, got my own kiln and wheel and got started. This is one of the pieces I finished. I save the other ones for another time :-).


  1. You are soooo incredibly talented!! I love visiting your blog and seeing all your new creations! :)

  2. Great work. Great idea marrying pottery with polymer clay. Love your style!

  3. Great work! I love the new "relationship" that you created with pottery and polymer clay. BEAUTIFUL!